47 - African Poppin'


If you have been following recent music news, the big companies are investing in Africa big time. Something is brewing!


1. Ammara Brown - Sey No ft Nutty O - ZIMBABWE, 
2. Yasmine ft Josslyn "És o teu primeiro amor" ANGOLA, 
3. Dj Codjazze Feat Soumira - Envoie Mon Airtel Money, 
4. Beka Flavour - Mbayuwayu TANZANIA, 
5. Burna Boy – Agbada NIGERIA, 
6. Paul Payne - Nakupeza ZAMBIA, 
7. Zeynab - Abdulaye BENIN BORN IN COTE D’IVOIRE, 
8. Meshi Ft Locko - Come for me CAMEROON, 
9. Zanda Zakuza - Amazo (feat. Dr Moruti) SOUTH AFRICA, 
10. Tima - Aleluia (feat. Nelson Tivane) MOZAMBIQUE.

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