Engaging Young Africans to Use Podcasts to Shape The Future


Young Africans the world over live in a very unique time where technology has driven immense change for the betterment of the world. There is so much work being done to advance Africa in the right direction through technology and a lot of that is through grassroots programs that tap into the potential of the youth. Some sterling examples of this include the African Technology Foundation, Africa Startup Ecosystem and TechWomen which empowers middle and high school aged girls with practical learning in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).  The work being done is life-changing with much more to come. Why not add African Podcasts to that list of life-changers? 

There is a glaring gap between the stories we are telling and the stories we should be telling. If anything, we are not telling nearly enough of our stories as it is. A reason for this is because we don’t have enough platforms that we own and control to be able to tell our stories the way we want to. Financial limitations are a contributory factor. I am a big proponent of podcasts as a digital technology for African learning because they can even be produced easily and efficiently using only a smartphone app like Anchor. Podcasts are useful in numerous settings such as schools and businesses to hone in on different learning styles.


On the other hand, audio is fairly light in terms of size when thinking about internet data so you can distribute files effortlessly through mediums such as WhatsApp or email before even considering dedicated podcasting platforms. Imagine this, a podcast can be about any topic you want it to be. Could you even begin to fathom how far one can run with that??? There is plenty of opportunity and the more we encourage young Africans in and out of Africa to own their stories without reservation, the better Africa we will build for ourselves and the future. 

At times we have to get into the habit of doing something to effect change until it becomes culture. We have to get into the habit of writing and recording our experiences until we develop a culture of doing so as Africans. A great place to begin fostering that is with young Africans who easily embrace digital technology mediums and are growing up with so much of them to enjoy. I dream of an Africa where our stories are easily told, documented and shared to be the history generations to come will embrace and acknowledge. African Podcasts is the starting point.

How will you play your part in building Africa’s future?