So... How do you listen to podcasts

The African podcast space is growing but the reception is still quite mixed. This website is to help you get started with the best African podcasts around. Our emphasis is not so much quantity, we want to showcase the very best African podcasts in terms of content and technical quality. So... how do you listen to podcasts anyway?

There are plenty of ways you can listen to podcasts on your smartphone, laptop, PC or tablet. You could even listen to podcasts in your car! We will keep it basic.


Apple and iOS

If you have an Apple device your podcasts are waiting for you on iTunes which is already on your device. The same way you would search for a song or an artist is how you would do with iTunes. Type in the name of the podcast you want and enjoy. Alternatively, you can use the 'Discover' feature and some recommendations will come up. At the time of writing this, African podcasts are still a bit harder to find and for the most part you probably have to know the actual name of the podcast. Good news is, we have a catalogue right here on where you get the direct link to the podcast you want to listen to.



To the Android family, there are a variety of options but one you are likely to have on your device by default is Google Play Music which has a Podcasts section full of wonderful potential audiogasms. The process is much the same with a search function to look for what you want. Google Play Music allows you to subscribe to podcasts, download episodes, and skip and rewind during playback. It also automatically saves the position of where you were listening should you want to resume. You can also listen to podcasts on the web version of Google Play Music which works just as well.

There are many other podcast apps you could turn to such as Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Pocketcasts and more. Most are free too which makes it even more convenient.

I hope this information helps you to get started!!!